keep daily dryness. In particular, commonly used towel s, wet hanging on

keep daily dryness. In particular, commonly used towel s, wet hanging on

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With the sound of the emergency alarm, the fire emergency evacuation exercise began, and the teachers of each class organized the children to line up and evacuate in an orderly manner. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children covered their mouth and nose with wet towels, hunched over, and lined up to gather in the open place. the whole process was rapid and orderly. All the young children in the school were evacuated to a designated safe area. Teachers also carefully check every corner to see if any children are left behind to ensure the safety of every child.

And surprisingly, before he dabbled in DJ and photography, he was a “pool boy” in Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, earning money by handing out towels every day to finish his studies.

▲ parasitic infections include skin diseases caused by scabies and fleas. Parasite infection can be caused not only by skin contact, but also by contact with towels, recliners and other common items. It is characterized by sudden itching and rash on the skin after swimming, aggravation of symptoms at night, small, serrated marks on the skin, or blisters, small bumps, and pale skin, which often occur in the scalp, face, neck, palms, soles of feet and so on.

To achieve one person, one towel, daily disinfection, during the epidemic period, the garden should strengthen morning inspection, immediately isolate children, and disinfect indoor utensils, toys, towels and other items. Parents and teachers should strengthen hand washing, disinfection and prevent cross-infection.

“bacteria, fungi and viruses are all active in summer, and skin diseases such as eczema, urticaria and dermatitis are easy to find.” Gao Pengcheng said that in daily life, citizens should maintain indoor ventilation and heat dissipation, indoor temperature should not be too high, the surrounding environment should not be too humid; reduce perspiration, choose loose clothes for sweat evaporation, change clothes frequently and try to keep skin dry and clean, wipe sweat with dry towels; when swimming, try to use circulating water swimming pools, do not choose regular disinfection swimming pools Avoid scratching when there is a rash so as not to cause secondary infection.

In order to let the children spend a full winter vacation, feel the lively atmosphere of the New year, and develop good living, hygiene, study and sports habits, the children in the central kindergarten in Tingluo Town carry out some daily life skills during the holiday: folding quilts, folding towels, tying shoes, and trying to make their own cots. The children in the big class can help their parents and do as much housework as they can, while the children in the small class can do their own things by themselves, go to the toilet, wash their hands, eat by themselves, and wear and undress independently.

6. Do a good job in sanitary disinfection and strengthen the sanitary disinfection in kindergartens. According to the requirements of superior documents, our park conscientiously does a good job in the disinfection of towels, cups, toys, tables and chairs, doors, windows, toys, books, towels and other items, and regularly checks the disinfection records to ensure the authenticity and perfection of the disinfection records.

For small spaces such as bathrooms, it is not easy to keep daily dryness. In particular, commonly used towels, wet hanging on the towel rack, often emit an unpleasant smell, want to be dry? Really hard! And the towel rack that most people use is stainless steel, and many people put the towel rack on the toilet to make it easy to use, but the toilet itself is a place to hide dirt and breed bacteria. putting towels on the toilet not only absorbs more bacteria, but also spreads to our faces.

The products of the cotton era are really 100% cotton. I have bought a lot of products from his family, and so far they all have a full score of experience. Pure cotton soft towels in the cotton era have good water absorption and do not contain fluorescent brighteners. Compared with the towels used to wipe the whole body and have to be reused, the soft towels made of this natural cotton are cleaner and more hygienic. And wet paper towels are also very good, belonging to the mild moisturizing type, especially during the epidemic period, we should all do a good job of cleaning and disinfection. I think the wet wipes of the cotton era are absolutely necessary for families, free of alcohol, pigments and fluorescent agents, and can be used by their families and children with peace of mind.