special. In this GGmarmont handbag series, you will

special. In this GGmarmont handbag series, you will

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It was launched at a new product launch by the chief designer of Gucci. The bag is inspired by marmobt, the most famous hotel in Hollywood. Its decoration style is full of the retro style of Los Angeles in the last century. It is the favorite meeting place for celebrities in various industries. It still retains this retro luxury and special. In this GGmarmont handbag series, you will also feel the retro style. In fact, it also has the nostalgic feelings of designer Alexander, colleagues also achieve the integration of literature and fashion, innovative design makes it a leader of the new era, this bag often appears in some web page recommendations of the editor recently, this is because it is still more concerned, so the assumption is that this bag can also be recycled when recycling, there is no need to worry about the bag can be recycled? This kind of problem, so to sum up, do not worry about the bag can be recycled?

The single item often used in winter is a black coat, which can not only make you look mature and stable, but also have an intellectual and elegant style. in this mature aura, the matching bag naturally requires exquisite style in order to meet the effect of the whole suit, and the handbag is the most suitable style. When you wear a black, a white, khaki, bright red bag can add the most advanced sense, will appear to have good taste.

special. In this GGmarmont handbag series, you will

The Pont9 handbag has a round and rectangular outline, the envelope cover opens with a sense of retro, and a belt is sewn in the middle. The whole handbag is wiped with cowhide, including lining, summer gold, Dahlia inulin and storm blue are excellent colors, but not very bright, suitable for daily casual clothing and shopping dates. How much is the recovery of the new LV bag? generally, the recovery price of lv bag is 3-20% discount, depending on the physical situation. To learn more about bag recycling, click “read the original text” below.

① bags can play a finishing role in the process of matching clothes. From the perspective of practicality, we should choose bags with large size and capacity; from the perspective of aesthetics, we should choose bags with exquisite and small styles; and from the sense of fashion, we should choose popular styles such as bucket handbags, bear handbags and pearl handbags. ② earrings, rings, belts and scarves can all show the beauty that accessories bring to the overall shape, which will enhance the advanced sense of the overall shape.

If you are a working woman, then the bag you choose should be cost-effective, it may not be too big, but it must be a type that can add highlights to your look, such as the texture-filled handbag in the picture above, and the brown leather one is recommended. All of a sudden, wear a high-end style.